speech and drama class

Difference between Speech and Drama Class and Drama/Acting Class

Speech and Drama class (SnD)has been a very popular enrichment class in Malaysia since many years ago. It seems like schools, academies and centers are offering Speech and Drama class because there’s a huge demand from the Malaysian parents to allow their children to learn English effectively through drama. But how much do you know about these classes? Are they the same? Are the structures and learning outcomes similar? In this article, we’ll be talking about the difference between Speech and Drama Class and the Drama/Acting Class and how Malaysia has been running it.

speech and drama class

speech and drama class

What exactly is Speech and Drama class?

SnD class introduces hundreds of drama or theatre games to encourage students to be creative, solving problems, to improve conversation skills, have positive body language, respect and work with each other, build confidence, learn to interact with peers, build public speaking skills, learning good manners and etc. 

You must be curious whether there are differences between these two classes because maybe you as a parent, you have already known these are the things you would like your child to have when enrolling them into the SnD class because this is how the centers normally sell it. But do you know? Actually both of them are NOT the same. Here’s why:-

  • Size of the Class

In general, SnD class is taught in smaller groups. The reason behind this is because the nature of this class content is to provide more personalized and individualized teaching styles. 

  • Different Types of Focus

The main focus of Drama/Acting Class is to teach acting skills, while SnD class primary focus on Public Speaking or Presentation skills, and acting skills only are taught as supplementary. 

  • Elements of Singing and Dancing 

In SnD class, there’s not so much of Singing and Dancing and it’s not done regularly. If your child loves to sing and dance, they can opt for Musical Theatre Class, which we offer such classes in our academy too. 

  • Presentation Method 

In SnD class, normally the students will do a small presentation in front of the parents or peers but for students who enrolled in Drama/Acting class, they’ll have to perform a short play on the stage. This also means they are exposed in performing live with minimal or full stage equipment and facilities. They’ll work closely with the stage crews and technicians as well. 

We hope this article gives you a clearer picture of which class to choose for your child to join based on the explanations that we have mentioned above.

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