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K-pop Dance is an abbreviation for Korean pop. It is a genre of popular music originating in South Korea. K-pop dance choreography is mainly influenced by hip hop and urban dance choreography. Did you know, they actually fly in tons of different choreographers all around the world to choreograph their music videos! Some of which include Kyle Hanagami, Paris Goebel, Mari Madrid, Bailey Sok and many more.

K-pop Dance are divided into several categories. They have solo idols, boy groups, and girl groups. Most of them are famous and their influence spread really fast. For example, Zico’s “Any Song” was a huge hit and soon enough the dance became familiar by many. Itzy’s new single “Wannabe” was trending everywhere because of Ryujin’s iconic shoulder movement.


What are the benefits of learning K-pop dance? 

  1. You will be able to get a balance workout out of it and have fun at the same time. K-pop songs are mostly known to be upbeat and lively. The tempo is fast, so you will attempt to control and coordinate your movements with the correct timing. When you do, you’ll realize each and every muscle in your body and get a good sweat out of it. 
  1. As a K-pop fan, you will be able to meet like minded people and share your passion as a group. It allows you to be part of a community that can help grow your passion positively. Such endearment helps some of our students open up and communicate confidently with people. It also serves as a relief from stress working on your passion.
  2. For total beginners, our weekly classes are taught at a pace that is suitable to help you keep up with the dance steps and fitness requirements. You will definitely see improvements in terms of physical coordination, mobility, flexibility and strength.
  3. In our premise, once the students are ready, we will have video recordings sessions to showcase their dance cover. This is where they get to fully dress up and dance in front of a camera similar to a music video shoot.
  4. You will be able to learn how to work as a team. In K-pop dance groups, all the members have to be committed and work together in perfecting their choreography and to put on a show-stopping performance. You will get to experience quick thinking and problem solving as a team when you work towards a performance.

Taking up performing arts has many physical and mental benefits. Dance is one of the varieties that suits a certain group of people apart from singing or drama. If you are physically inclined and love to use movements to express yourself, Kpop dance is a good choice to begin with.

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