Violin Lesson

Violin Lesson

Our Violin lesson students will be provided a practical and enjoyable experience in learning the foundational techniques of playing the violin as well as develop their musical identity. Violin classes cover all necessary skills as required by the examiners such as technique, notation, listening, musical perception, creativity and innovation. Learning music theory will be part of all lessons as well.


Beginners will start with fundamentals such as learning the parts of the violin, bowing and proper finger placement. Producing a good, controlled, solid sound of the violin and will be presented in a very understandable way by our instructors to make the class enjoyable. Our one-on-one private violin lessons help students progress comfortably at their own pace. This enables the instructors to customize their teaching approach in response to the needs of the students to help achieve their personal goals. 


Students train under us can take one of these examinations:

  1. Trinity College of Music (TRINITY)
  2. Associate Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)
  3. London College of Music (LCM)


Improved Memory

Musical instruments such as the violin can help strengthen a person’s cognitive development especially for children. When a student takes lessons and follows a routine schedule of practicing and rehearsing, the student inherently strengthens his memory.  Memory continues to improve through gaining better understanding of different musical patterns. These skills are also connected with memorizing new songs.

Discipline and Motivation

Playing the violin requires dedication and commitment and self-discipline. If learning violin is able to help build discipline and motivation, the virtues of self-discipline may manifest for other activities throughout life, such as in school and work. For children, learning violin is a great way to improve their patience, attention span, and cultivate an improved sense of identity.


Creative Expression

We are surrounded by music, which is among the most effective conduits for the expression of emotions and ideas. For musically inclined people, emoting through music is a way to perfect their own expression in a unique way such as humming tunes and singing in the shower. Applied to violin, once a person knows how to play the violin, he or she can make up songs. Violin lessons can help students find their creative impulse that we were all born with.

Expanding Interest
Students learning violin or music under us will have a strong foundation in music. This is valuable knowledge for a student who wishes to dive deeper into performing arts such as musical theater, vocal singing. Being proficient in multiple areas is essential for students who wish to build a good performing portfolio for audition or school application.