Keyboard Lesson

Keyboard Lesson

Our keyboard class focuses on teaching students to play by ear. Keyboard Lessons Class  focuses on teaching students to play the keyboard for performances either solo or in a band. In contrast to learning classical music instruments with grading, our play by ear keyboard class students will advance through 3 stages, beginner, intermediate and advance. 

A total beginner is required to learn to read notes and play the keyboard and read chord tabs. Chord tabs are similar to what guitar students learn to strum chords while singing to a song. It is something different than learning piano the conventional way. Students will be able to learn pop and contemporary songs or any genre depending on preference and learning goals. Students are required to get a 88 key keyboard for self practice at our Keyboard Lessons .

The advantages of learning to play by ear.

  1. Students get the flexibility in selecting songs and song genres to learn as compared to classical instruments that require students to play a fixed list of songs for grading.  
  2. The learning goals lean more toward performances. Live band keyboardists usually play by ear. Students will need to learn how to adapt their play to a variety of accompaniment.
  3. Train to accompany a singer and cope with any songs a singer wishes to sing. They will be trained to synchronize singing with keyboard playing.
  4. At an advanced level, students learn to play and sing along to themselves. They will be able to play a song at their own preference of pacing and variation.
  5. Music composition will be taught when the student reaches advanced level. Students can compose songs which enable them to create their own intellectual property.
  6. Students get the option to expand training to other areas such as Singing, Musical Theater and many more. 

Our well structured class caters for students with different levels. Assessment is available to see which level suits the student.

  • Beginner
    • Knowing the Keyboard
    • Reading Music Notes
    • Playing Simple music with score
  • Learning Simple chord tabs (similar to strumming chords with a guitar while singing a song)
  • Intermediate
  • Learning to play by ear (Listen to singing lines without music sheet)
  • Listening to songs knowing the notes 
  • Able to write down the notes while listening (The key to play by ear)
  • Inserting chords tabs with melody
  • Changing simple chords to variety of accompaniment 
  • Advance
  • Synching simple singing with keyboard playing
  • Changing melody lines to full accompaniment to accompany singing
  • Able to play with singing
  • Able to play instrumental music (melody and accompany without singing)

If you are more inclined to learn musical instruments for performance and wish to progress in a less rigid manner, this may be the class for you.