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About Us

As a Performing Arts Academy in USJ,Subang, we offer performing arts classes such as acting, singing, dancing and musical theater for various age group. Artistic and backstage related courses such as directing and stage management are also available. Our team of instructors has robust knowledge from both industry and academic backgrounds. Training and support are provided by the management to ensure the training structure and learning objectives are up to date. About Us – Students undergone our training have the option to progress towards Trinity certification exams or/and be part of our performance troupe. Regardless of the options, every student will have the chance to take part in our internal and external show productions organize by us. 

Apart from academy, Our production team organize stage performance performed live by students or professional talents alike that are not our students. Some of our talents are experience to perform live for events on stage or on screen. On to of that, we also offer management and creative services for stage show organizing. Such service may cover the entire production or specific roles base on request such as Directing, Stage Management and many more.

 At Our Performing Arts Academy in USJ, Subang, the aim is to help our students to build their confidence, charisma, creative and cooperation skills  We also seek to develop and train quality students. So They get ready for various types of scenarios. Examples include auditions, competitions, interviews and much more. We generate our own IP, as well. At the moment we have three ( 3) shoos in total of three (3) shows under us and we are looking forward to write more shows in the future.