Hip Hop Dance Class

We Provide Hip Hop Dance Class for students of all age groups ( Teens and Adults) . You can take our Hip Hop Dance class Online Now. Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles that gained a widespread popularity in the 1980s and ’20s. It includes a wide range of styles mainly breaking,locking and popping. Television shows such as Soul Train And the films Breakin’, Beat Street, and Wild From the 1980s showcased the dance style of these dance crews in their early stages. Dancers who train classically develop these studio styles in order to create choreography from the hip-hop dances that are performed on the street. So, hip-hop dances are usually practiced in both dance studios and outdoor spaces.


What makes hip-hop dance unique from other genres of dance is that it is often about “freestyle”. “Freestyle” here means improvise. In the world of hip-hop dance, dance crews often compete in freestyle dance competitions colloquially referred to as dance ”battles”. Freestyling, battles, crews are the identifiers of hip-hop dance. Hip-hop dance can be a hobby or an art of entertainment. It is a fun and unique way to stay fit or you can make it your livelihood by dancing professionally or teaching this style of dance.

What are the benefits of learning Hip Hop dance? 

  1. Hip Hop dance is similar to a well balanced workout routine, you will see improvement in your stamina, strength, flexibility, endurance and above all your resistance to injury. Dancers channel all their physical explosiveness into rapid-fire choreography that also comes with holding still poses in between.
  2. Hip-hop dance’s action packed choreography is a unique alternative to more mundane cross-training activities, even for specialized or multi-sport athletes. It makes a person use almost every single part of their body muscles. Why ride a stationary bike or run in circles instead where you can dance to the latest hit songs while having a well rounded workout.
  3. For total beginners, our weekly classes are taught at a pace that is suitable to help you keep up with the dance steps and fitness requirements. You will definitely see improvements in terms of physical coordination, mobility, flexibility and strength.
  4. In our premise, once the students are ready, we will have video recordings sessions to showcase their dance cover. This is where they get to fully dress up and dance in front of a camera similar to a music video shoot.
  5. You will be able to learn how to work as a team. In a dance group, all the members have to be committed and work together in perfecting their choreography and to put on a show-stopping performance. You will get to experience quick thinking and problem solving as a team when you work towards a performance.

Taking up performing arts has many physical and mental benefits. Dance is one of the varieties that suits a certain group of people apart from singing or drama. If you are physically inclined and love explosive movements and building strong fitness, Hip Hop dance is a good choice.


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Hip Hop Dance Class