What is Speech & Drama?

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Do you really know what Speech & Drama is all about?

Speech and Drama is not just about remembering words or actions. This teaches you how to project your voice, portray different characters and to perform in front of audiences. You will gain skills on how to present, learn more about the importance of movement and body language. Slowly but surely, you will become better at communicating. With lessons, you can build confidence, have a better understanding and improve your clarity of speech.

Speech and Drama classes are designed to introduce a piece of literature that is appropriate for one’s age. For instance, a poem, a story or a prose extract. Then, teachers will introduce this text in an interactive way and allowing you to respond to the text by discussing and sharing ideas. This text will then become the green light for drama which will allow them to better understand and explore the text. Drama allows you to take on characters and roles. You are able to participate in creative problem-solving and work together with a team in different learning adventures.

See this an opportunity for you to experience drama in a creative manner through drawing, writing, designing props and so on. This helps you experience drama in a better way. You can also find some hidden talents! You might be a very good actor/actress or an artist. It can be a fun way for you to grow your ability to communicate with confidence and with purpose. Learn to make use of speeches that are expressive and influential. It will surely help you personally and professionally.

It assists in channeling your energy through creative and innovative ways.The wonderful thing about it is that with one piece of a text, it can be interpreted in so many ways because you get to be one with it rather than just reading it. Through experience and exposure to the text, Speech and Drama ensures a greater love for literature.

Having thoughts of joining a Speech & Drama Class?

If you still here and reading this, it is your lucky day! The teachers at Stage 69 are here to help. Our team of instructors has robust knowledge from both industry and academic backgrounds. Training and support are provided by the management to ensure our training structure and learning objectives are up to date.

This is one of our unique classes offered in our academy. We combine Speech and Drama and Acting methods inside one single subject. Therefore, making it a more technical class with greater fun, self discovery and explorations. Learning content promotes empathy through encouraging the students to understand human beings. Thus research and critical thinking are important in the learning process of this class. Over time, improvements can be seen in communication skills and confidence when interacting with people.

Students undergone our training have the option to progress towards Trinity certification exams or/and be part of our performance troupe. Regardless of the options, every student will have the chance to take part in our internal and external show productions organised by us.

Our main priority is to help our students to build their confidence, charisma, creativity and cooperation skills through the arts of performing. We always strive to produce quality students and prepare them for different kinds of scenarios such as auditions, competitions, interviews and many more. We also produce our own IP. Currently we have total of three (3) shows under us and we are looking forward to write more shows in the future.

Lastly, we solely want to share the joy & love we have for Speech & Drama with all of our students. Why not join in the fun with us? Click on this page to learn more about our class.

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