young performers class

young performers classes

Young Performers Classes caters for children aged 4 – 7 years old. This class introduce our students three different performing elements such as singing, drama and movements. Students will be able to explore which performing areas interest them and when they reach at the aged of 7 or 8 years old, students are able to choose which class to proceed further to polish and work on their skills. It could be Speech and Drama class, Musical Theatre Class, Singing class, Music Lessons, Dance Classes and many more!

The Class objectives is also to help our students to gain confidence in speaking, sharing ideas, expressing through movements and songs and able to think creatively through the activities that we have planned for each lesson. Students will be exposed to both simple modern and musical songs, stories which they’ll be role-played as different characters, creating their very own characters, story-telling and many more! Apart from that, we’ll guide our students to use their senses to act truthfully. Through dancing and singing, students will be able to build their musicality skills too!

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5- 7 years old