vocal singing class

vocal singing class

Our vocal singing class caters for all regardless of the students wish to sing as a hobby or aspire to sing in performances or auditions. This singing class has methods for students who wish to learn how to sing live and belt notes flawlessly.

Under our guidance, many students have achieved their singing goals. Among them preparing for auditions, live performances, or contests. On top of that, our vocal singing class also promotes character building, such as improving confidence, expression, and empathy.

Topics taught in our singing class include:

  • Vocal Projections and Pronunciation (Sing loud and clearly)
  • 3 Singing Instruments within You (Use them to hit a wide range of notes)
  • Breathing Methods (Build your singing stamina and vocal consistency)
  • Working around your vocal limitations (Singing different genre of songs)
  • Mind work for singing (Using imagination to reinforce singing instruments)
  • Lyrics research (Invoke expressions based on the context of the lyrics ).

Advantage of learning with us

  1. Besides physical techniques, we also cover some mind tricks and beginner level acting skills to reinforce their singing performances. We emphasize a student’s ability to sing live.
  2. Our teachers are trained to teach our homegrown singing methods called the “Singers Toolkit”. Students who go through these methods have shown accelerated improvements within a short time if they are committed to consistent practice. We also prepare students for external certifications such as Trinity London and Rock School.
  3. Students will be groomed to tackle different genres of songs regardless of their vocal range. They will usually start with pop songs and eventually progress to more difficult genres such as jazz or classical songs.
  4. From time to time, singing students can take part in video recording projects to experience how music video recordings are made. This also allows them to evaluate their own performances from a third-person point of view.
  5.  Once they are ready, students are encouraged to take part in live performances to put their live singing skills to the test in front of an audience. Such activities also expose them to the process of productions, build interpersonal skills, and teamwork.
  6. Students may also be able to diversify to other classes such as Musical Theater, Music Theory, and Musical Instruments if they wish to create a strong performing arts portfolio. Such portfolios are valuable for students interested to pursue music or performing arts in tertiary education.

Singing also brings along many other benefits. Being a singer teaches you how to maintain the health of your voice and singing is also a form of work out that encourages you to exercise your organs as you sing. Over time a singer will also cultivate other healthy habits such as healthy food intake or physical exercise that promotes good breathing and stamina.

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Event Timeslots (1)

7- 12 years old
7 - 12 years old