musical theatre class

musical theatre class

Musical Theater Class is a kind of performance that integrates singing, acting and dance to tell the theatrical story. Performers normally start by studying lyrics, analyzing the full story and character creation before proceeding to singing songs followed by acting and dance choreography. Musical Theater classes are generally intense as the performers are required to be multi skilled. Some examples of Musical Theater are Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music or Disney Animations.

Our Musical Theater class is suitable for beginners and also students with performing experiences. If a student has been learning music, acting, dance or singing and wishes to widen their skills and take more challenges, this will be the class for them. A student can work towards:

  • Graded certifications such as Trinity London and Rock School
  • Build a performance portfolio for audition and university applications
  • Improving confidence, interpersonal skills and empathy.

Topics covered in our class include:

  1. Fundamentals
  • Vocal Projections and Pronunciation (Able to speak and sing loud and clear)
  • Theater Games (Build mind and body focus, teamwork and communication basics)
  • Stage Directions and Terms. (Improve understanding of instructions)
  • Script Analysis and Character Research (Promotes Critical Thinking and Empathy)
  1. Singing
  • Singing Instruments within You (Use them to hit a wide range of notes)
  • Breathing Methods (Build your singing stamina and vocal consistency)
  • Working around your vocal limitations (Singing different genre of songs)
  • Mind work for singing (Using imagination to reinforce singing instruments)
  1. Acting
  • Mime and Mime with Music (Explore movement and body language communication)
  • Various Acting Methods (Variety of methods to present your character convincingly)
  • Monologue and Open Scenes (Speech expressions, interpretations and memory work)
  • Scriptwork (Practice acting as a group)
  1. Dance
  • Dance genre based on the era and culture of the script
  • Dance choreography according to music and songs of the script
  • Integrating dance movement when singing songs and acting
  • Dance solo or in groups in a highly coordinated scene.

Musical theater class will usually work towards a year-end show where students are required to work with a large group consisting of fellow students, show directors, and technical crews. Musical Theater production experience will enable students to improve their interpersonal skills tremendously as they are required to problem solve, think on their feet, and most importantly work as a team. They will learn to respect and earn the respect of others as everyone’s role, however small, is still essential for the show to run smoothly. With students given such exposure form a Musical Theater production, it is common for them to be able to excel in other parts of life such as academically, career or in relationships.

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